1. The ordinary tugboat and the cargo ship engine room

The engine room sound-absorbing lining made of the foam aluminum sound-absorbing panels can reduce more than 20 dB noise, with 10mm thick foam aluminum sound-absorbing and the 30 - 60mm thick back cavity.

2. The passenger ships, combination carrier ship, luxury ship

Made of foam aluminum profile as the sandwich for the cabin, interval, cabin, floor, etc, of the passenger ships, combination carrier ship and yacht, the density is 1/20 of steel’s, with light energy. Compared to the steel: taking the structure of 1mm thick aluminum plate, 20mm foam aluminum, and 1mm thick aluminum plate, the floor’s strength is 7 times the steel plate, and the weight reduced more than 50%; taking the structure of 0.5mm thick aluminum plate, 10mm foam aluminum, and 0.5mm thick aluminum plate, the partition walls and doors’ strength is more than 3 times the steel, and they also have the function of sound insulation, good comfort, no combustion, and corrosion resistance.


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