In the past, most of the phone body material is plastic with low cost and easy processing but it seems to be cheap and low-end, and the metal body is rare used. But with the development of the industry, from the flagship to retailer, the metal body suddenly began to popularize. The most common application in metal material of phone used in the well-known brands of manufacturers is the aluminum. For the outer frame, the representative phone models are iphone6 ​​/ 6S, iPhone5S, HTCM8, vivo X shot, Lumia925 and so on. Then, what does the design form of aluminum used in the mobile phones? Bellow, let me share you a general introduction.

1. Material classification:

According to the different materials, aluminum can be divided into 1 to 9 series, and each series of specific models are generally named with the four digits, such as 6061, 7075, etc. Body material of iPhone6S is the 7-series aluminum profile. The 7-series aluminum profile is mixed with the zinc based, a small amount of magnesium and copper, whose hardness is closer to the hardness of steel, but it is still prone to pits! 6 series aluminum profile is mixed mainly with magnesium and silicon elements used the most widely currently.

2. Structural design:

The Integral CNC + nano-injection molding; the decorative pieces CNC + dispensing / stickers / lock screws; the appearance surface CNC + internal aluminum die-casting + nano injection molding; forging + CNC + nano-injection methods; and so on.

3. Process: Anodization

4. Advantages: (Compared with the stainless steel)

First, aluminum material is easier to present the high-grade, beautiful and shiny feeling. Second, the aluminum material is very light, only one-third of stainless steel, which means with the same volume, the stainless steel mobile phone is almost three times the weight of aluminum. This is why iPhone5 is so much lighter than iPhone4S. Third, it is scratch-resistant. Aluminum material does not have the top strength, but the surface hardness has reached the sapphire level, so the use of aluminum phone may have bump signs, but few scratches. Fourth, the aluminum dyed strong. Because of the aluminum profiles, iPhone and other mobile phones are able to contain different color types, such as gold, high-end gray, etc. Fifth, aluminum materials also have the advantages of high-temperature resistance, leaving no fingerprints, anti-static, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and so on.

5. Disadvantages: High cost

6. Casting process

In regular casting process, because the cooling rate in the metal solidification is slow (generally <102 ℃/ s), the alloy elements are prone to segregation and continued growth, seriously affecting the material uniformity. However, with the rapid cooling process, the cooling rate is speeded up (up to 104-106 ℃/ s), and the liquid metal has a great degree of subcooling which promotes the nucleation. Metal in a very short time is hard to complete the solidification so as to inhibit the further growth of grain nucleation and the branches Crystal and columnar crystals in common casting, and form an equiaxed crystal approximately with spherical shape, eliminating the anisotropy of conventional materials. Due to the fine grain structure, the metal produces effect to fine grain strengthening, which greatly improves the strength, hardness and plasticity of the profile. The profile solidification in the rapid cooling process is carried out in the protection of the inert gas. With no oxidation, inclusions, and the fine and hard phase dispersing, the uniform dense tissue is favorable for the quality and uniformity of the anodic oxide film, and the corrosion resistance is improved at the same time.


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