Aluminum seamless pipe refers to the hollow metal tubular material extruded with pure aluminum or aluminum alloy along its longitudinal length. There can be one or more closed through holes with uniform wall thickness and cross-section, which can be delivered in straight line or roll shape. Widely used in automobile, ship, aerospace, aviation, electrical, agriculture, electromechanical, home and other industries. According to the shape, it can be divided into square tube, round tube, patterned tube and special tube. According to the extrusion method, it can be divided into Aluminum seamless pipe and ordinary extrusion tube. According to the precision, it can be divided into ordinary aluminum tube and precision aluminum tube. The precision aluminum tube generally needs to be processed after extrusion, such as cold drawing, fine drawing and rolling. According to the thickness, it can be divided into ordinary aluminum tube and thin-walled aluminum tube. The performance of Aluminum seamless pipe is mainly corrosion resistance and light weight. Aluminum seamless pipe is widely used in all walks of life, such as automobile, ship, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electromechanical, home and so on. Aluminum seamless pipe is everywhere in our life. Alloy pipe is a kind of Aluminum seamless pipe. Alloy pipe is divided into structural Aluminum seamless pipe and highly pressure heat-resistant alloy pipe. The application field of aluminum alloy pipe is still relatively common, especially in household appliances. However, many household appliances also use copper. Comparatively speaking, the advantages of aluminum alloy pipe are greater. At this stage, the majority of people will choose aluminum pipe. At this time, some people say that aluminum alloy pipe is divided into Aluminum seamless pipe and slotted aluminum alloy pipe. They are both of them What's the difference?

Aluminum seamless pipe is better than seamed aluminum pipe in bearing pressure. Aluminum seamless pipe is of uniform texture. The chemical composition of welded pipe in the weld will be slightly burnt, so the mechanical properties are slightly poor but not very different. Seamless aluminum pipe is recommended for bends. Welded pipe is easy to crack. If the bending radius is large, it's OK. Aluminum seamless pipe is formed by piercing extrusion, while the conventional aluminum tube is generally extruded by combined die. Short rod, high temperature and slow extrusion process are used in production, especially "three temperature" should be well controlled.

Aluminum seamless pipe and slotted aluminum alloy tube adopt different processing methods of aluminum ingot. Aluminum seamless pipe adopts surface turning, while slotted aluminum tube adopts no oxide skin involvement.

In terms of mechanical properties, Aluminum seamless pipe products have uniform metal flow, high dimensional accuracy, good fatigue resistance, consistent mechanical properties and no layered structure. The metal flow in the head and tail of slit aluminum tube products is not uniform, the mechanical properties are inconsistent, and layered structure is easy to appear. On the whole, it is better to choose Aluminum seamless pipe, but it also needs to be determined according to its own situation. If you want to choose the right Aluminum seamless pipe, if you want to get more information about Aluminum seamless pipe, please contact us, we will provide you with quality service.


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