First, the total volume of aluminum curtain wall market will continue to maintain a steady growth trend. At present, the construction industry has become the hot spot of consumption and economic growth point in China, and the domestic demand will gradually increase. Driven by the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, western development, revitalization of Northeast China, urban reconstruction and new city construction in various regions, the construction of China's construction industry will continue to maintain a steady growth trend, The total volume of aluminum curtain wall market will continue to grow, and aluminum curtain wall factory will also have good development opportunities.


Second, it has formed a market structure dominated by large aluminum curtain wall factory and assisted by medium and small aluminum curtain wall factory. At present, aluminum curtain wall industry has formed a technological innovation system with more than 100 large enterprises as the main body and more than 50 backbone enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan. The industrial output value of these large-scale backbone enterprises accounts for about 50% of the total output value of aluminum curtain wall factory. In the construction of national key projects, large and medium-sized city image projects, urban landmark buildings, foreign-funded projects and foreign projects, It has set up a good market image for the whole custom aluminum curtain wall industry and become the main force of technical innovation, brand excellence and market development of the whole custom aluminum curtain wall industry.


Third, affected by the energy-saving policy, the domestic aluminum curtain wall structure will be greatly changed. aluminum curtain wall will still be dominated by open frame, hidden frame and aluminum panel curtain wall. The unit curtain wall will have a good development prospect in large and medium-sized cities. The double-layer, intelligent and sunshade curtain wall of aluminum profile will gradually mature and improve. The market share of aluminum curtain wall in the building curtain wall market will remain above 55%, Under the influence of national building energy conservation policy and energy crisis, the proportion of energy-saving and environmental friendly custom aluminum curtain wall will be greatly increased.


Fourth, environmental protection and energy conservation will become the theme of aluminum curtain wall factory development. The three concepts of "Green Olympics, scientific and technological Olympics, and Humanistic Olympics" put forward by Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Olympic project must also be a high standard green project. With the arrival of a well-off life, consumers have higher and higher requirements for their own living environment. Green consumption has become the leading concept in the construction consumption market, Green consumption brings huge green business opportunities. Therefore, to meet the demand of green consumption and develop high-performance and high-tech ecological building custom aluminum curtain wall, we should not only consider the architectural appearance effect, the basic physical performance of curtain wall itself and the cost, but also hook the overall design of curtain wall with ecological environment, aiming at the good performance of aluminum curtain wall after construction and reduce the environmental pollution, Create a comfortable environment for people.


As the most powerful company in processing aluminum curtain wall, linkedalu also have some cooperation projects worthy of mentioning, such as Cesfam project located in Santiago Chile, which is one of the representative projects of our company in aluminum curtain wall. From aluminum curtain wall's process manufacturing, discussion with customers about custom aluminum curtain wall, and understanding their design concepts and ideas, and then to our all-out efforts and manufacturing as aluminum curtain wall factory, finally contributed to the birth of this aluminum curtain wall cooperation project. I believe that in the near future, we will have more excellent projects


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