As a member of aluminum profile production and manufacturing, linkedalu have different ideas and innovations on various aluminum alloy profiles. Among them are aluminium window profiles. As aluminium window profile suppliers, when aluminium window profiles has not been booming in China, we give priority to aluminium window profiles uk as the main material. Results the products made by aluminium window profiles uk also achieved good profits. With the continuous progress of talent introduction and technology in recent years, domestic aluminium window profiles has gained great recognition in the industry, and more and more people prefer to choose domestic aluminium window profiles. Our company, in some cooperation projects, has such a manifestation. ESTORIL building located in Santiago Chile is one of the representatives. We will introduce aluminium window profiles material from the aspects of specific process flow and material selection advantages.


1. Casting preparation.
This process mainly includes batching, melting, casting, soaking and other main processes to form ingots with certain chemical composition and overall dimensions, which is the prerequisite for the formation of aluminium window profiles. As aluminium window profile suppliers, we must be strict in this link.

2. Extrusion molding.
Extrusion molding is an automatic production line composed of ingot heating, extrusion, cooling, tension straightening, sawing and other processes. The equipment on the production line includes induction heating furnace, extruder, discharge table, discharge conveyor, profile lifting and transferring device, cooling bed, tension straightener, storage table, traction machine, sawing machine, etc.

3. Heat treatment.
The aluminum magnesium silicon aluminum alloy used in aluminium window profiles can be strengthened aluminium window profiles. Through different quenching and aging systems, the profile can get the mechanical properties. The heat treatment is rapid cooling and artificial failure after high temperature forming.

4. Surface treatment.
The surface treatment of aluminium window profiles mostly uses anodizing, which makes the surface of profile silver white. The surface treatment can effectively enhance the appearance of profile and prolong its service life


The advantages of high quality aluminium window profiles are as follows:
1. The density of aluminium window profiles is only 2.70 g / cm3, which is 1 / 3 of that of copper or iron.
2. In the production process, aluminium window profiles adopts hot and cold processes, which has strong corrosion resistance.
3. aluminium window profiles has very good plasticity, and can be made into light alloy with many metal elements, with high quality material.
4. Compared with aluminium window profiles uk, aluminium window profiles has strong plasticity and good productivity, and has very good advantages for manufacturing.
5. Aluminum alloy profiles have excellent forging characteristics and can be produced into different shapes of aluminum alloy profiles.
6. The metal surface treatment characteristics are excellent, the appearance color is gorgeous.
7. A recyclable, recyclable, non-magnetic material.
8. The elastic coefficient is small, and the impact friction can not spark, which is mainly good in automobile processing technology.
9. It has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, which is prominent in short distance transmission.
10. On the contrary, aluminium window profiles is not much different from aluminium window profiles uk, but domestic aluminium window profiles will save more money and lower cost.


It is because of these technological processes and production steps that constitute our ESTORIL building cooperation project. Strictly speaking, compared with aluminium window profiles uk used in previous years, our aluminium window profile suppliers production process has been approaching or even surpassing aluminium window profiles uk. We also have reason to believe that there will be more aluminium window profile suppliers in China in the future, which will bring us more excellent domestic aluminium window profiles. These materials will go abroad and benefit the world.


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