With the continuous development of society, nowadays, the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are more and more widely used in decoration. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are aluminum doors and windows made of insulating broken aluminum bridge and hollow glass. It has prominent sound insulation effect, Dust and water and other functions, water tightness and air tightness is also good, so like this kind of performance is so good Broken Bridge aluminum doors and windows, there is no disadvantage? Then the aluminum profiles factory introduces the advantages and disadvantages of thermal bridge aluminum windows and doors.


Broken Bridge aluminum doors and windows advantages:

1. to reduce heat conduction: The use of insulated broken aluminum alloy profiles, the thermal conductivity of 1.8 ~ 3.5W / m · k is much lower than the average aluminum profile 140 ~ 170W / m · k; hollow glass structure, the thermal conductivity Is 2.0 ~ 3.59W / m2 · k, which is much lower than that of ordinary aluminum alloy 6.69 ~ 6.84W / m2 · k, which effectively reduces the heat conduction through the doors and windows.

2. to prevent condensation: with insulation profiles of the inner surface temperature and indoor temperature close to reducing indoor moisture due to saturation and the possibility of condensation on the surface of the profile.

3, energy-saving: in winter, with the insulation of the window frame can reduce 1/3 of the lost heat through the window frame; in summer, if there is air conditioning in the case, the window frame with insulation can Reduce the loss of energy more.

4. the protection of the environment: Through the application of a thermal insulation system, can reduce energy consumption while reducing the air conditioning and heating due to environmental radiation.

5. good health: the human body and the environment to exchange heat depends on the indoor air temperature, air flow rate and outdoor air temperature. By adjusting the indoor and outdoor temperature, so that it is not less than 12 ~ 13 ℃, has reached the most comfortable environment.

6. to reduce noise: the use of different thickness of insulating glass structure and insulated bridge aluminum cavity structure can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves to prevent the transmission of sound, can reduce the noise above 30dB.

7. colorful: using anodizing, powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying surface treatment can produce different colors of aluminum, the combination of rolling, the aluminum alloy doors and windows to produce indoor and outdoor two-color windows of different colors.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows Disadvantages: making complex, expensive.

It can be seen from the article, the advantages of thermal bridge aluminum windows and doors is still quite a lot, including the reduction of heat conduction, to prevent condensation, reduce noise, etc., to reduce energy consumption but also the environment, good for physical and mental health, of course, everything There are two sides, although there are so many advantages, but also its bad point is that it is not easy to make. The advantages and disadvantages, in combination, indirectly lead to its price are not cheap, so suppliers of aluminium doors and windows are facing the challenges.

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