There are authoritative statistics show that aluminum doors and windows account for the largest proportion of products, about 55% in China's current windows and doors market; followed by plastic doors and windows, accounting for 35%; steel doors and windows products’ share is 6%; remaining other materials accounting for 4% with a production of about 150 million square meters.
Majorities of cities and towns in China had witnessed the development of time-honored aluminum windows and doors and its increasingly wilder range of use, which can explain why aluminum windows and doors profiles occupy the largest proportion of market share. Besides, plastic windows are no longer a competitive opponent. Although the quality of aluminum alloy products, in a certain period of time or in some areas, have been questioned by the people. But with the development of society, aluminum doors and windows are gaining a overwhelming welcome and even become preferred products in a considerable part of consumers.
Five years ago, ordinary aluminum installation of single-layer glass took up vast majority of aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum windows and windows with broken bridge function and hollow glass account for less than 20% of the total market. But owning to its environmental protection and energy saving, as well as the better safety than ordinary single-glazed windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are also increasingly favored by the market.
20 years ago, plastic doors and windows products secured support from national industrial policy. After 20 years of development, a wide range of products have entered millions of households. However, due to part of the operator's non-standard behavior and the degree of use is not high, now the plastic doors and windows industry is facing a severe test.
In recent years, common consumers have been puzzled about the debate-aluminum doors and windows products are superior to plastic ones, or the opposite. Earlier, when aluminum doors and windows just fresh out in the market, it did attracted a lot of consumers for the light and beautiful decoration, which was much better than solid steel windows and open steel windows. But with the passage of time, the original ordinary single-glass aluminum doors and windows exposed the drawbacks, especially the thermal conductivity and the shortcomings of poor insulation, resulting in people’s complaining. In the past two years, the requirement for the energy-saving has become stricter, meaning a bigger challenge for aluminum doors and windows. Of course, challenge befalls opportunity. It may also inspire the designers to consistently create innovative products. For the moment, the air shift heat insulation window has become a new trend. Linkedalu Metal Group Co.Ltd has over 20 years experience in aluminum windows and doors prof


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