First, the product overview:

The emergence of high-temperature heat pump greatly expands the application of the heat pump, which can directly re-use the 18 ~ 22 ° C residual (waste) hot resources in the oxidation tank to boil 65 ~ 90 ℃hot water for hot water washing (75 ℃), medium temperature sealing    (60 ℃), acid etching bath heating (45 ℃), alkali etching heating (35 ℃)  and other fields. It can substitute for the fuel, gas and coal-fired boiler so that it can save a lot of disposal energy. It is a good product for energy saving and environmental protection


Second, the product features

Compared with the heat pump technology with the output temperature of 60 ℃below, it is quite difficult for the high temperature anti-corrosion heat pump to heat up to the temperature of 80 ℃or more, and maintain a high operating efficiency and stable and reliable operation in the unchanged equipment operating environment. So, there are two key technical issues to address necessarily as following:

1. The choice of working fluid:

In order to ensure high temperature heat pump operating under a stable and allowable working pressure, the special refrigerant as the working fluid should have high heat transfer efficiency, no pollution to the environment, and no damage to the ozone layer. ( The high pressure for KF-01 refrigerant does not exceed 2.0MPa at the condensation temperature of 90 ℃so as to ensure system and equipment safety of the high temperature heat pump).

2. Fluoride system control optimization:

It can ensure the whole unit stable operation in the long-term high temperature, and according to the ambient temperature and evaporation temperature, automatically adjust the working condition of the high-temperature heat pump to achieve the unit's energy-saving performance

Especially in the actual production process of oxidizedaluminum profiles requiring both the cooling and heating process, the anti-corrosion high-temperature heat pump boiler can extract heat from the cooling 20 ℃bath solution to heat the water to 75 ~ 80 ℃for bath washing, achieving a dual-use machine for cooling and heating at the same time.

Both the condenser and evaporator of the heat pump boiler are anti-corrosion with a titanium alloy heat exchanger in full liquid. Oxidation tank solution (sulfuric acid solution) can be directly added into the unit for cooling, and the scalding bath solution can also be added directly into the unit for heating.


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