Any machine needs regular inspection to maintain its service life. So, the aluminum profile manufacturers who need the aluminum profile cutting machine for their aluminum profile production, attach much importance on the maintenance of aluminum profile cutting machine. As follow, this article will talk about some notes about it.


1. Daily inspection:

A. Check weather the oil in thealuminum profile cutting machine should be kept at 7/10 full of the oil cup to avoid shortening the service life due to the air compressor parts without lubricating oil.

B. Check whether the pressure maintain at 6 -7kg to ensure operation. The inappropriate pressure will make the air compressor parts damaged.

C. The water filter in some machines has the function of automatic drainage, but if some machines have not, the worker needs to replace the water filter to avoid water logging in pipeline affecting the machine work;

D. Check the air ducts every day. If damaged, replace with the new air ducts to prevent the machine from leakage.

2. When the power supply is not in use, the fuse should be switched off to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel.

3. Weekly inspection:

A. Parts that need lubrication, such as the link between the rods and press rack, the fore- and end- axle of connecting rods, cylinder connector and the rollers between the material input and output, need weekly checking, and the timely lubrication to avoid stuck;

B. Regularly check whether the belt is overly worn, whether it is parallel, whether the belt surface pressure is too loose or too tight.

4. Cutting oil:

The ratio between water and aluminum cutting oil or water-soluble cutting oil (saponified oil) is 1:20. The ratio can not be too thin to rust or stuck caused by excessive moisture. So, sufficient oil should be ensured everyday. And full cooling can increase the life of the cutting tool and reduce the burr of the aluminum cutting.

5. Keep the work surface clean to ensure the accuracy of cutting

6. The hydraulic oil in Oil cylinders need to keep 7/10 full, to ensure smooth operation of the cylinder. When adding the oil, turn of the gas at first, then open the oil tank above the oil cover, and add the oil until 7/10 full, and close the oil cover in the end.

7.   If the air pressure parts are in the event of failure or no action, replace the ill air compressor parts timely;

8. The injector used in fuel injection cooling system, on the principle siphon, will inject the cooling oil to the nozzle to cool cutting blade, in order to avoid obstruction of air press parts.


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