In the process of aluminum profile cutting in the middle-speed wire electrical discharge machining, the conductive block wears seriously and a deep groove will be formed on the conductive block quickly.The Aluminum profile is so commonly used in the production and processing that if we want to make aluminum profile processing effectively, we must solve this important issue indubitably. So, let’s talk about some solutions to this issue.


1. A reasonable match of pulse electrical parameters.

In the wire cutting process, a relatively wide pulse is easy to produce relatively large alumina or alumina particles on the surface, and if the pulse interval is too small, then there will be larger particles. As these larger processing particles easily adhere to the molybdenum wire, it has a great negative impact to the processing. So, we find that if we increase the no-load voltage amplitude of the pulse power supply to reduce the pulse width and shorten the processing pulse gap, we can reduce the possibility of processing debris attaching to the electrode wire.

2. Requirements for the working fluid.

At present, the general aluminum profile manufacturers often use the aqueous solution as the working fluid in the middle-speed wire cutting. The conventional configuration ratio is 1:30, but to process the aluminum profile, the ratio should be 3: 8. Only the clean working fluid can work itself effectively and extend its service life. So, to keep the working fluid clean, we can use the thick sponge to avoid debris flow into the tank, keep the working fluid flow, and reduce the processing debris attaching to the electrode wire. And the sponge needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced. The up and down spraying of working fluid should be even so that the exclusion can be excluded in time.

3. Operation skills.

We can add a sponge in the back frame slot, and the high-speed electrode wire wiped by the sponge can remove a part of the adhesion of oxides, which can reduce the conductive block wear due to the oxide, and reduce the electrode wire jitter to ensure the normal operation of the pulse power efficiency. We should also pay attention to change the working position of the conductive block.

The above methods are not only suitable for cutting aluminum profile, but also some processing for special materials, such as conductive ceramics, silicon nitride and boron nitride. If the middle-speed wire electrical discharge machining processes the machining aluminum parts in large quantities, the processing problem will be more prominent which can not be fundamentally solved by the above. At that time, we should consider to transform the machine –instead of conductive block, use the other conductive ways, such as conductive wire cylinder, which can be applied to production and processing.


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