The heat dissipation and good appearance performance make the aluminum profile better than the current plastic material, coupled with its light-weight advantage which is irreplaceable in those plastic materials. However, for different process, the aluminum profile products themselves are different in many ways, such as the raw material, the appearance, thermal conductivity, cost, the production efficiency and application.

Then, the detailed will be given as follow.

1. The raw materials:

The die-casting aluminum profile is generally made of the ADC12 or ALsi9cu3 aluminum alloy, and the machiningaluminum profile generally made of the 6063 or 6061 aluminum.

2. The appearances:

The die-casting process is similar to the plastic injection molding process, which can create any shape. For example, the shells of road lamps are generally used the die-castingaluminum profile. The machiningaluminum profile has the equivalent cross-section with littler deformation, used as the aluminum heat sink for the bulb and the aluminum windows and doors profiles.

3. Thermal conductivity:

The general thermal conductivity of die-cast aluminum is about 80-90W / M.K, while the machining aluminum thermal conductivity is about 180-190W / M.K.

4. The cost

The cost of die casting and aluminum both are calculated by weight and machining process, according to real-time material prices and manual costs. Relatively speaking, the cost of die-casting aluminum is higher than the machining aluminum, but for specific circumstances, it may be lower.

5. The production efficiency:

Injection production efficiency is certainly higher. It is a mass production with more than 1,000 pieces a day generally and stable dimension. The shrinkage is at 0.5%. As the machining aluminum contains processing factors, the efficiency is naturally lower.

6. Application:

Die-cast aluminum is generally used in the car, street lights and the currently popular mobile phone industry; the machining aluminum is used in the downlight, ceiling lamps and windows and doors.


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