In the noisy city, in pursuit of a quiet living condition, many citizens are more willing to choose some effective sound insulation materials to decorate their own houses. Soundproof windows and doors profiles can help you isolate all source of noise and restore tranquility in your home. Then, how to choose soundproof windows and doors profiles?


A. The sound insulation effect of ordinary windows and doors profiles

1. Plastic windows and doors profiles

At present, plastic steel windows and doors profiles contains diverse styles. In addition to the swing, sliding, and folding windows and doors traditionally, there are inner swing tilt windows and doors, sliding tilt windows and doors profiles, and so on. In terms of color, the common plastic steel windows and doors profiles are more in white, because white or grey PVC profiles have goo weather resistance and light stability. However, there are also colorful profiles with decorative design, more freedom and more personalized. Although the price is high, the market potential is still huge.

Plastic steel windows and doors profiles have good sealing performance to ensure the sound insulation effect. But it also brings weakness of inadequate ventilation. To solve it,aluminum profiles manufacturers have developed the ventilator used when the windows close, both considered the sound insulation and air exchange. The ventilator can be installed between the window and the window line, without taking place.

2. Aluminum windows and doors profiles

It is generally believed that thealuminum windows and doors profiles has poor sound insulation effect, but in fact, the new aluminum windows and doors profiles has made greater improvements in its performance of sealing and sound insulation. The sound insulation performance of the window mainly lies in the sound insulation effect of the glass that accounts for about 80% of the area, and secondly, in the sealing performance of the windows and doors profiles. On the market, some aluminum windows and doors profiles, according to acoustic resonance transmission principle and coupling cooperation, use different glass composite structure to enhance the sound insulation effect. In the structural airtight of windows and doors profiles, using high-quality adhesive tape and plastic sealing parts also largely solve the problem of poor sealing performance of aluminum windows and doors profiles.

The coloring ability of aluminum windows and doors profiles is strong. After special processing, it can be made out the effects such as imitation wood grain and imitation granite, so that the color of windows and doors profiles is more beautiful and colorful, which is suitable for people's different decorative requirements.

B. how to purchase the windows and doors profiles

1. Window frames

The aluminum profiles manufacturersgenerally choose to use aluminum profiles, but the single cavity of aluminum profile has thin thickness, so the sound is easy to penetrate. However, the plastic steel profile has multi cavity, so it has thicker wall than aluminum profile, and sound is not easy to penetrate.

2. Sound insulation strips

The aluminum profiles manufacturersuse mostly aluminum frame coupled with rubber insulation or wool insulation. But wool insulation is prone to hair removal for a long-time using, and the rubber insulation is prone to hardening and aging after exposed to the sunshine and rain for a long time. There for the perfect sound insulation material should be able to avoid aging and maintain toughness. At present, there is a kind of imported sound insulation strip. The outside is wrapped with leather material, and the inside is made of sound absorbing cotton, which can maintain the toughness and is not easy to age, ensuring the sealing of the sound leakage point of the window frame.

3. The most important one -- soundproof glass

Now on the market, there are mainly hollow glasses, laminated glass, and vacuum glass. The companies who specialize in insulation windows mostly use glass and hollow glass. These two glasses works well, but it's not ideal for dealing with low frequency noise generated by a cart or a faster car.

Because the sound can not transmit sound, the vacuum glass can reduce noise by 30-40 decibels. For example, users live in higher than the 20th floors and there is no train, large trailer nearby, they can consider install the hollow glass or laminated glass; the users in the lower floors and near the road or the low frequency noise sources need to choose vacuum glass so that it can solve the noise problem.

4. Sealing around frame after installation

After finishing the installation of soundproof window, there may leave some small aperture around the window frame, so after installation, the surrounding of the windows and doors must be sealed with the glass glue. Surround sealing seems simple, but still need professional master to make it perfect.


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